Jeff Arnold – The Liberating Power of Truth

Jeff Arnold preaching at Because of the Times 2003 in Alexandria, Louisiana with his message entitled “The Liberating Power of Truth”



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2 Responses to “Jeff Arnold – The Liberating Power of Truth

  • micodavis Says:

    god is good

  • Greg Says:

    I’ve heard Brother Aronald in person Before> In fact as he came back after preacing shaking hands etc, I introduced him to a visitor I had brought with me as my catholic friend. Brother Arnold said to him how he used to be catholic. I loved that. I love this msg! It needs so subsity. So awesome! Only thing that came to me was, seems somewhere seems I recall something about “without a burden the people perish”? I cant quote it, but I know it’s in There somewhere. I am going to listen to this @ least 2 more times!

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